This Blog Tries To Answer One Question. Can I Sustain Myself As An Independent Game Developer?

This is a “Hello World”, or my first blog post. As I’m writing this I haven’t quite got over the fact that fairly soon I’m going to have to hit publish and my journey on becoming an independent game developer will start. Going independent has always been on my mind. It took several years to get here but I feel like now is the time.

Anytime we decide to start something new there is a lot of uncertainty and questions that get raised. Is this going to work out? Why am I really doing this? Do I have what it takes to succeed? What if I fail? The mind has a tendency to over exaggerate fears. This time the challenge is a big one. And my mind is in overdrive.

Anyone involved in game development understands how difficult it is to create a game from concept to a finished game, publish it and generate enough income from it to continue to be able to make another one. I decided to take a year off to experiment and basically answer one question. Can I sustain myself as an independent game developer.  This blog will chronicle the challenges I encounter and hopefully provide some good lessons for anybody interested to do the same.

Recent explosion in popularity of small online and mobile games allows for a bigger variety. This opens up opportunities for all sorts of new, fun, creative, experimental games to be made. With advances in technology and ability to monetize games through different channels, game developers no longer need million dollar budgets. All they need is some fun creative spirit, commitment to shipping great but smaller games and a solid plan of action that allows you to create steady income streams while you develop your craft and improve your games over time. This of course is all theory at this time. At the conclusion of my experiment I’m hoping to learn exactly whats needed and how feasible it really is for me.

I enjoy the process of making games, the idea of being able to imagine a game idea and bring it to the market, excites me. I’m looking forward in providing a more personal experience to the players. I’m also looking forward to providing some solid information about game development and the technical, creative, and business challenges it brings. Hope you find this blog useful and I’m looking forward to share my experience with you.


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  1. Congratulations Tomasz for taking the plunge and embarking upon your dream!!! Mad props to you for grabbing life by the ballz and following your heart. You are on a fantastic journey of discovery, and I truly wish you all the best…. as a lifelong friend, a team-mate, a fellow soul searcher, and a colleague, I know you have what it takes and I know that regardless of what happens at the end of this ‘experiment’, you are going to be a better person than when you began your journey… Remember, the journey IS the destination my friend :)

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