Recreating Digital “Table Tennis” Game Mechanic

Initially I didn’t plan to share this but now I think it could be fun. Over the last few weeks I’ve been challenging myself to recreate some of the classic game mechanics we all know and love with Unity3D. I find this a good practice, something perhaps equivalent to sketching or doodling. I’ve been using Unreal/UDK for the last few years, I thought I give Unity a try. I’ve managed to get several game mechanics/classic style games done. One of them was this remake of the classic table tennis type of gameplay.

Now some of you might think this game resembles that game which starts with P and ends with Ong. But I assure you that there are some major differences, the story is different with a different ending…

I call this one “The Argument” the left side is You, the right side is someone you have an argument with… and I’ll let you figure out what the conclusion is.

If you haven’t already you will have to download the Unity3D plugin to play this.

Click on it first to focus, then press the Up Arrow key to start.

if you right click you have an option to go full screen.

[WP_UnityObject src=”” width=”457″ height=”343″/]


I’m curious about compatibility and performance issues, let me know if there is something I should be aware of.



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